Thursday, 6 January 2011

Aishwarya Rai Inspired Tutorial

Ok so I know I was supposed to be more regular with these videos and posts but sometimes life takes over! To be honest, I really need to get more into blogging as I see this as a good way of expressing my thoughts and feelings about makeup and more importantly products!

So here is my take on one of the looks that Aishwarya Rai sported at the Cannes Festival 2010. I adjusted parts of the look to suit my skintone, face and eye shape but the general jist of it is inspired by her. This is the photo I used as my guide. Surprisingly, it was a very easy look to put together and definetely one of those looks that you can wear from day to night just by adding the reflects antique gold (dont know what my life was like before I discovered this!).

And here is the tutorial

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  1. really nice,beautiful and wearable! also, i love your t shirt